Data Processing Notice

Marc Gouarin media is committed to providing an optimally safe and informed service, which requires the collection of personal information and processing of personal data.

This Data Processing Notice has been made freely accessible to notify clients,
referrals, referees and other related parties of the following:

- What personal data is collected
- How personal data is collected
- Why personal data is collected
- Where personal data is stored
- Who Marc Gouarin media may share your personal data with and why
- The purpose and lawful basis of personal data processing
- Your rights with respect to your personal data

What Personal Data is collected
- Full Name
- Residential Address
- Contact and/or Emergency 
- Photos and Videos

How Personal Data is collected

Marc Gouarin Media collects personal information via the contact form located on the websites.

Why Personal Data is collected
Most of the personal information Marc Gouarin media collects or processes is required for at least one of the following reasons.
Service provisions
To provide services to clients and for the purpose of marketing goods and services.
Where Personal data is stored
Personal data is securely stored on electronically in encrypted folders in Microsoft OneDrive on Microsoft servers.

The Purpose and Lawful Basis of Data Processing

In Compliance with the data protection (bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017, the lawful vases Marc Gouarin Media rely on for the processing data are detailed in the table below.

Your Data Protection Rights

Under the Data Protection (bailiwick of Guernsey) Law,2017, you have certain rights listed below.

-           Right to information for personal data collected from you
-           Right of access
-           Right to object to processing for direct marketing purposes
-           Right to object to processing on grounds of public interest
-           Right to object to processing for historical or scientific purposes
-           Right to rectification
-           Right to erasure
-           Right to restriction of processing
-           Right not to be subject to decisions based on automated processing
-           Right to data portability

For further information on exercising your rights, you can visit the following link:
Individuals Rights · ODPA.
If you make a request, Marc Gouarin Media undertakes to respond to you within one month of your request.
Marc Gouarin Media does not charge for the exercising of any right as listed above.
Please contact Marc Gouarin Media directly if you wish to make a request.
Where we really on consent, this consent can be withdrawn at anytime.
We really on a contractual obligation to provide services to clients, failure to provide this information will prevent us from providing you with any services.

Data Retention

All data will be stored for a period of seven (7) years from the date of collection, unless otherwise specified by legal or regulatory requirements.

This policy applies to all categories of data, including but not limited to customer information, transaction records. The only exception is a person’s image which will be retained under artist exemption for the purpose of marketing and portfolio work.

Upon expiration of the seven-year retention period, data will be systematically and securely deleted from all storage systems and backups.

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